Our team has been recognized in many areas, these are just some of them

Control of plantation / crop

Pursuit of the professional activities of supervision and counseling in plant production and processed


Plantation crops, the current situation in the field / storage, wine and spirits, damage caused to agricultural crops and land

Forensic expertise

Permanent court experts in the field of agriculture and agricultural land, ecology and environmental protection

Development of conceptual design

Our specialty is the development of unique web advertising with recognizability of your company, designs and making business cards, brochures, catalogs


Sale of photographs from the collection as well as photos to customer specification, photographic services, photo editing and professional consulting


Our team has internationally recognized certificates of excellence (QFC level 4)

Making system

Want to build a new product and you have an idea but do not know how to realize, we know. We are working hardware and software packages that implement the wishes of the client

About us

Crafts intellectual services MMB registered in 2008 in Dugo Selo.

It operates in two locations, in Dugo Selo and Zagreb.

Our goal is to provide users with timely and above all quality service and information.

Our clients have recognized this and prices this way of working, we hope that you, and you.

Research and product development

The way to a new product is often long and tedious, but we make it simpler. You have the idea for a new product where to start. We are here for you to complete the development of the hardware and software for your device. From the first prototype testing and customization to production. We use different technologies to make your product the best

Who we Are

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Ph.D.Maja Firšt Bača

Forensic expert and appraiser for agriculture, agricultural land, ecology and environmental protection

Enologist, analyst

Marko Miroslav Bača


Innovator, developer

Photographer various techniques specialized macro photography (QCF level 4)

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